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Pinpoint provides motorists with stress-free refuelling at the pump

Simply press the button on the Pinpoint key fob to alert filling station staff that you need assistance. A signal comes back to reassure you that someone is on their way. Stay in the driving seat while a friendly member of staff refuels your car. What could be simpler?

Endorsed by Disabled Motoring UK and attracting fantastic feedback, Pinpoint brings great service direct to your car for stress-free refuelling.

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Where can I use Pinpoint?


Sorry we couldn't find any Pinpoint equipped facilities near your location, please try a different postcode or use the form below to request that we look into that area.


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National system network; Reliable wireless technology; No more inconveniences; One-off charge

Buy the Pinpoint keyfob online and gain access to a national network of Pinpoint systems and aids. Free and speedy delivery allows you to experience independence a few days after ordering.

PayPal ensures a secure transaction with all major credit cards accepted and automatically encrypted for a quick and easy process.

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Q: How does the Pinpoint system work?

Once at a Service Station with Pinpoint installed, pull up to the filling pump. Once there, by pushing the button on your Pinpoint key fob a call for assistance is made.

This will activate a red flashing beacon. The red flashing beacon indicates that your key fob is working and that a call has been made to let staff know you are waiting.

When your call is acknowledged the beacon will turn green.

Someone will shortly be on their way to assist you, without the need for you to leave your vehicle.

Q: How do I make payment on the forecourt?

Payment can be made by cash, signature credit and debit card, or fuel card. Chip and pin credit and debit card is currently not available, and we strongly urge you not to share your pin number with anyone if asked.

Q: Where can I use the Pinpoint system?

Any Petrol Filling Station that is equipped with the Pinpoint system will have signage around the pump area to indicate it is available. The beacon device will also be visible in the window of the Petrol Filling Station.

To find out where your nearest Pinpoint equipped Petrol Filling Station is please use our locator.

Q: What if Pinpoint is not available in my local area?

If the Pinpoint locator does not find any Petrol Filling Stations in your local area you are able to register your interest in having the system available. We are working with Service Providers to rollout Pinpoint across the UK, and the number of Petrol Filling Stations covered is growing.

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